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Process of Resolving an Employment Dispute

Our Fees

Following the introduction of the Transparency Rules this year, as of December 2018 there is a requirement that all firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority should publish details about their prices for certain services provided. This is to enable clients to better understand what will be involved so that they can make an informed decision.

The new rules apply more specifically to claims issued at an employment tribunal for unfair and wrongful dismissal.  However, we always endeavour to be as transparent as possible when discussing an employment matter generally.

Where a claim is issued at an employment tribunal, there are various stages of the process leading up to the hearing, during which a case might be settled.  We are currently recognising an increase in claims with the result that a hearing may not be listed for several months.

The various stages, by way of general overview, when seeking advice in respect of an employment tribunal complaint will be as follows:

  • the potential action will be discussed, both in terms of merit and likely compensation
  • to formally appoint ACAS prior to issuing a complaint, more commonly referred to as pre-claim conciliation, which is a mandatory requirement
  • to prepare and assist with the preparation of a claim or a defence
  • to calculate the Schedule of Loss required once a claim has been issued, outlining the potential value of a claim
  • to assist with the preparation of a Preliminary Hearing should the employment tribunal require
  • to discuss and disclose all relevant documents with a view to preparing a joint bundle of documents for use at the employment tribunal
  • to take statements of all relevant witnesses
  • to arrange to attend any final hearing include the instruction of Counsel to represent

At any stage in the process, the parties may seek to reach terms of settlement which may dispense of the need to proceed to the hearing. 

As stated above, it can be extremely difficult to provide accurate costs information without an initial assessment being undertaken.  However, we find that in practice the costs can vary from £4,000.00 to £20,000.00 (the latter band for significantly more complex cases and subject to variation).  Cases will be conducted by an experienced Solicitor and Counsel (the latter where instructed).  Counsels’ fees will be assessed by him/her on an individual case by case basis, but can be in the region of £800.00 to £1,000.00 plus VAT per day, depending on their year of call.  Payment of their fees are upon receipt of invoice.

If you would like further information in respect of information relating to our costs please do not hesitate to contact us.